Friday, June 24, 2011

Fat Friday: Everything's eventual

Starting Weight: 315.5
Ending Weight: 316.0
Net Change: gain 0.5 lbs

So another stable week.  I did cheat a lot this week admittedly for various reasons (If everyone else decided on Pizza, I'm not going to leave my friend's house just to go procure something low-carb), but I still maintained my weight this week, so that's good.  Unlike when I counted calories, I find I don't feel as guilty when I do cheat, possibly because I don't feel like this is as rigorous or demanding as counting calories.  One of my friends still thinks this diet is "bullshit," that it's really just portion control.  I only partially agree with the sentiment.  I do think it's portion control mostly, but I know from three separate times of trying to count calories that I can't portion control by counting calories or otherwise limiting what I eat.  I don't have the self-control, and I find I'm hungry more often when I eat carbs.

As an example, I used to have two bowls of cereal for breakfast most mornings.  I'd eat the first bowl, and I still wouldn't be satisfied so I'd have to get a second.  These weren't small bowls, either. Now my breakfast consists of either three eggs or two hamburgers, sans bun.  I find that, in general, I'm more sated by that smaller meal than I was with all the cereal I had.  I eat that and am legitimately not hungry anymore.  I'm not alone.  A recent study suggested that, while eating any breakfast increased satiety and helped portion control throughout the day, high-protein breakfasts showed a much greater decrease in brain activity in food-motivation centers.

So yes, I'd say I'm something of a semi-believer now.  I'll never argue its benefits with others, but I'm probably going to continue this diet past the experiment date just to continue to hold back on my cravings.  Here's to seeing what next week will bring.


  1. What works for you works for you. We've all got our different biological and mental quirks. (My mom lost a ton of weight on Weight Watchers... trying to do that would make me go crazy.)

  2. If it's working for you, keep going! My parents had great luck with the low-carb eating. I tried the low-carb diet, but with my eating disorder it didn't work, so I use Breaking Free. I've gotten arguments about that one, too, so it doesn't seem to matter which diet you choose, everyone thinks they know better. Do what's best for you! --Kat