Friday, June 10, 2011

Fat Friday: Even Steven

Starting Weight: 318
Ending Weight: 318.2
Net Change: Gain 0.2 lbs  (Hardly enough to count one way or the other)

So things are pretty even now.  I blame this week on stress, mostly.  I'm running a game of Legend of the Five Rings for some friends and for some reason I've been stressing out over making it good than I have over other games I've run.  Today's the day of the game, though, so hopefully I can relax a little bit once we've seen that.

I also haven't been exercising at all over the last couple of weeks, save some walks and whatnot.  This coming week, since I won't be spending all my time preparing for the game, I should have more time to actually hit the gym or go running or somesuch.

The low-carb lifestyle seems relatively easy to maintain so long as I don't obsess over it.  Since I'm trying to treat this now as a lifestyle and not a "diet," it means I don't stress anything regarding it.  That seems to be my biggest focus: not stressing the diet, but simply accepting it and integrating it.

Non-diet-related posts will return at some point, I promise.  This just happens to be the one thing I'm dedicated to writing about every week.

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