Sunday, August 14, 2011

School Days, School Days...

School will soon be upon me.  As a child I might have seen the return to school with a sense of dread and fear.  Gone would be the sense of freedom, gone the days of careless play and weeklong camping trips.  These days I look with excitement.  Gone will be the sense of listlessness, gone the days of job searching and wishing I could afford to do more things.  I laugh a little as I realize I am so mad that I want to pursue effectively a career in being in school, constantly studying and refining my knowledge of the world around me.  I'm legitimately excited about this semester.  It should be fantastic.

My schedule this semester is going to be light, class-wise.  I'll be taking Virology, Invertebrate Zoology, and General Chemistry 2.  That's it.  Three classes, plus a lab.  With the way my graduation path is lined up, I'll only be taking roughly three classes a semester until I graduate.  Virology is with the same instructor I took for Genetics, and is effectively an advanced genetics course.  Since I love both the professor and the subject, it should be great.  I haven't taken a class from my Invertebrate Zoology professor, but invertebrates are interesting and I've heard good things about her.  The last class, Gen Chem 2, worries me.  It worries me a lot.  Not because I don't know or like the material, but because I don't know who the professor is yet.  The last time this happened I got stuck with one of the most boring instructors in the department, one who also happened to take roll and taught a subject I was intimately familiar with.

So this semester should be good, all told.  Add on that I'm working in the student labs (for free) doing independent research/study with my absolute favorite teacher, and this semester keeps sounding better and better!

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